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Our Products

Inspired by Ethereal Romance


 Each piece is created by me, Kayla Leppelman in my personal home studio in Southern California and inspired by the true beauty of romance, soft color palettes and the value of uncompromising craftsmanship. I envision each item that will be worn on the woman who will adorn it on her wedding day, for her engagement photos or family photos and many times, all of the above.

Every design is carefully created to last for many wears  due to staying true to intentional handmade design, choosing high quality supplies within the fabrics, silk and natural flowers, beading and wiring down to the branded tags I carefully stitch to each piece. Many blossoms are hand stitched together, flowers are carefully sealed at the ends to prevent fraying, essential oils are lightly sprayed on floral designs for a beautiful floral scent and beads and stones are each stitched one by one to the softest of fabrics or woven through the best quality of wiring.

Not only is the aesthetic and design so important but also the care and comfortably are well established and thought about. Many floral designs and bridal pieces are backed by soft felt fabric to cushion the placement of adornment.

I look at each piece as a keepsake that will be tied to so many wonderful memories and hope that you will as well!