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kayla leppelman

flower crown hat created by Love Sparkle Pretty for boho brides


...or at least when it comes to wearing silk flowers in your hair rather than real.

Listen, I'm all for the organic, real, beautiful blooms-in fact, I LOVE them and of course prefer them to silk BUT when it comes to wearing flowers, there are some things you should consider.

You know those freshly done floral hairstyles we pin so often on Pinterest? Here's the thing, most of those photos where taken during a styled shoot OR while the bride is getting ready. Most real flowers wilt SO quickly when they aren't in water and wearing vials of it in your hair just isn't cute or practical with all the dancing and celebrating you'll be doing or what about that dipped kiss once you say your vows? Water falling out of your hair get the picture. 

I've also talked to so many florists about this same topic and they would absolutely agree that WEARING SILK and/or PRESERVED flowers & greenery in your hair will actually hold up better during your entire wedding day and well after!

silk faux flowers vs real flowers. why fake is better.

I've even had several brides wear their crowns and combs on their honeymoons as well their baby showers, family photos and even birthdays!

These adornments are carefully created to last even as an heirlooms! How stinkin' cute would it be for your daughter to wear your Floral Crown in the future?!

New Studio + Shop Reopening Sept. 19!

kayla leppelman

Before I get into the details behind the sneak peeks of the new studio space, I must share an important update:

The shop reopening date has been extended to September 19!

You can read a bit more about it in my earlier IG post right here. Thank you so much for your patience during this time. I'm so excited to jump in whole-heartedly to this passion of mine really soon!

We are now a week into officially living in our new home and there are so many tasks, renovations, unpacking, painting and more taking place-including designing and creating the new studio space!

I've already spent quite a bit of time in this room between painting the walls, bringing in and unpacking boxes, setting up the "floral tree", bringing in my giant work table (which I completely destroyed a part of our baseboards by doing-whoops!), the ceilings were scraped and re-textured (I didn't do this part), the chandelier (which was in our dining room at our last house) was hung by my husband, the large closet doors were taken down and a whole lot more! This room was originally a tan color with dark brown accents and popcorn ceilings-now it's a clean, open space with white walls, a blush pink closet (I will show you that part later) and rose gold details.

There are still so many things that have to be done-including unpacking more supplies but here are just a couple sneak peeks so far.


pretty office design studio flower crowns
Window sill shelf still needs paint.

Window sill shelf still needs paint.

pretty office design studio flower crowns

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