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Romantic Engagement Shoot among the Rolling Hills of Southern California

kayla leppelman

I'm a sucker for beautiful engagement shoots-well, just about any romantic photo shoot really! These beautiful moments of Carly and David captured by Kristen Booth Photography are no exception! I love Carly's pastel pink dress paired with the Blush Floral Crown to set the whimsical aesthetic among the rolling hills.

Congrats to sweet Carly and David!

"In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine." Maya Angelou


Storytelling the Memories of Life through Flowers.

kayla leppelman

Live in the sunshine, dance with the flowers and breathe in the wild air.

Spring has arrived and the warmth of the sun here in California is starting to soak within my skin. Inspiration thrives within this season. Creativity takes courage but behind it all is a designer who fell in love with expression, storytelling and being set free.

That's what I want my designs to do and what they portray. They help tell a story, your story as they are an heirloom throughout the years. They tell the story of the day you said your vows to the one you love, they tell the story of the moments you were most fearless and confident as you overcame the camera and did your first boudoir shoot, they added to the sweet memories of welcoming motherhood and they add to the innocence of play as your daughter dresses up as a fairy princess wearing her mother's crown of flowers.

These are more than just the details of perfectly arranged petals. These are the memories of life.

Photography by Alex Lasota featuring the Sienna Flower Crown paired with a dress from Theia Couture  in gorgeous Ireland.