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Easy Lavender Iced Latte Made with 3 Ingredients

kayla leppelman

Easy Iced Lavender Latte made with 3 ingredients by Love Sparkle Pretty

I love coffee and flowers and even more when I can combine the two! I created an easy iced lavender “latte” that I can enjoy at home using only 3 ingredients and what better way to welcome the coming Spring and Summer months than with this recipe that you can make as well! Enjoy this drink with a bit of quiet time while reading your favorite book or better yet, invite a friend over and have conversation while sipping your lavender lattes together!

I experimented with creating this easy recipe while looking for ways to recreate my very own iced lavender latte after enjoying so many of them at some of my favorite cafés. After googling and only finding more complicated ways to make a latte using coffee makers and steamers that I don’t have, I decided to create my own without the fancy café machinery (I’m also a homeschooling mama of 2-I need simplicity)! I found this delicious Lavender Syrup and with a couple other ingredients I found at Target, I created this yummy recipe below! Enjoy! This post contains affiliate links but all opinions and this very recipe creation are my own.

Ingredients you’ll need:

Lavender syrup-this one by Sonoma Syrup Co. is my favorite because there aren’t any dyes in it, it’s organic and made with 100% natural ingredients. It’s also the best tasting in my opinion!

Starbucks Blonde Iced Coffee- Most grocery stores carry it

Heavy Whipping Cream

*Ice is optional

That’s all you’ll need to create a yummy iced latte perfect for the Spring and Summer time to sip!

Easy Iced Lavender Latte made with 3 ingredients by Love Sparkle Pretty

I’m not one to use exact measurements when I mix. I make drinks as I go to my liking but here are the approx. measurements I use per latte drink and you can tweak it depending on how you prefer your coffee.

easy iced lavender latte made with 3 simple ingredients by Love Sparkle Pretty
Easy Iced Lavender Latte made with 3 ingredients by Love Sparkle Pretty
easy iced lavender latte drink recipe made with just 3 ingredients and without machinery by Love Sparkle Pretty

Don’t forget to pin the photo at the top of this post so you can come back and create your new favorite coffee drink!